#3 Memorable Wedding Ideas

Wedding Suggestion: The small touches make a difference.

It is helpful to practice even the small things at a wedding rehearsal, so they will mostly likely happen during the actual ceremony. This includes some slight, yet meaningful, uses of hands.

hand to groom
One example includes the father of the bride, after shaking the groom’s hand and kissing his daughter at the end of the aisle, taking her hand and placing it in the groom’s hand.



An even better hand off includes comments by the Father of the Bride to the Groom and the Groom to the Bride:

shake hands

“Join your right hands…”

Another example sometimes happens during the vows. The officiant often instructs the couple to join their right hands. This looks more like a handshake than an intimate moment.


fix shake hands

Thoughtful Groom places hand under joined hands

If the groom simply places his left hand under their joined hands, the couple feels more comfortable and they will be much more pleased with their photos and video of that special part of the ceremony.


These may be very simple details, but they are almost never thought of at the wedding rehearsal (and therefore, seldom done at the ceremony.)


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