#5 Memorable Wedding Ideas

Wedding Suggestion: Serve pizza at the reception several hours after dinner


Guests can get hungry during hours of open dancing.

Wedding receptions usually consist of a meal followed by traditional rituals (cut the cake, toasts, first dance, parent dance, throw the bouquet and garter, dollar dance) and, eventually, several hours of open dancing.

During the open dancing time, drinks and, possibly, remaining wedding cake are the only refreshments available to guests. However, serving a non-sweet snack, such as pizza or sandwiches several hours after dinner is a very welcome treat for celebrating guests. The simplest way to do this is to have a number of pizzas delivered to the reception venue approximately 3 hours after dinner.


Serve pizza to your hungry guests 3 hours after dinner.




Along with this, offering cool bottled water free to guests is appreciated and discourages overindulging in alcoholic drinks.


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