#2 Memorable Wedding Ideas

Wedding Suggestion: Stand behind the Unity Candle/Sand Containers.

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Stand Behind the Wedding Unity Candle

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Stand Behind the Sand Container

We always attend the rehearsal for each wedding ceremony we are going to video record. We use that time to determine where we will place our video cameras and audio recorders, discuss this with the officiant, become familiar with the order of the ceremony program, and discuss any last minute details or changes with the bride and groom. As a result, we often notice things, for which we sometimes offer our suggestions.
What simple advice do we offer to couples most often at their wedding rehearsals? It is to suggest they stand behind the unity candle or sand vases, so their guests can see the candle being lit or sand being poured, and their photos and video will show what is happening rather than just being an image of their backsides.


In the cases where there is not enough room to stand behind the table where the candle or sand vases sit, then we suggest that they each stand off to a different side of the table, so guests can still see something.


Stand at Sides of Wedding Candle so Guests can See

While this may seem like a simple idea, we find ourselves needing to suggest it at the vast majority of rehearsals.



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