#4 Memorable Wedding Ideas

Wedding Suggestion: Close the doors in the back of the church before the bride enters.

Many couples choose to see each other earlier in the day of their wedding, so they have much time before the wedding begins to have photos taken and are therefore free after the wedding ceremony to arrive at their reception earlier. The “First Look” can be a very special intimate time, and we are often asked to capture the moment on video.
However, other couples still decide to wait to see each other until the bride walks down the aisle toward her groom at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. As special as this moment is, it works best if the ushers are instructed to close the doors in the back of the church before the bride enters, right after the flower girl or maid of honor enters.


doors open2

Doors obscure the bride until it is time for her to enter.

doors open

Ushers open the church doors for the bride to enter.


That gives the bride and her father time to be set and waiting behind the doors, which the ushers then open for the moment of reveal for the groom.

In the case of an outdoor wedding, or in a place where there is not a door for the bride to “hide” behind, the groom may want to turn around, with his back toward the guests, in order to let the bride get in place to enter. The best man can tape him on the shoulder when the bride is ready to walk down the aisle and be seen by her groom.
Of course, it is best if this is practiced at the wedding rehearsal, to make certain it will happen this way on the wedding day.

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