#1 Memorable Wedding Ideas

Wedding Suggestion: Hire a Videographer.


Wedding Videographer in Action

As wedding videographers for many years, we have observed and captured countless memorable wedding day moments. We are often called upon to make suggestions, when meeting with a bride and groom or at a wedding rehearsal, based on what we know the customs or best practices to be from other weddings.

So, in the days and weeks to come, we will use this platform to share some of the best or most unique ideas we have observed, hoping that couples will find some suggestions to incorporate into their own special days to help create truly memorable weddings.


Capturing the Action of Wedding Reception

Above all, our best advice is to hire Wedding Videographers, to capture and preserve the images in motion, the sounds, and the emotion of the many memorable moments of each and every wedding day, to be shared and relived every time the videos are viewed.

For Moments that Last a Lifetime,


Patty and Marty Niehaus, wedding videographers

Marty and Patty Niehaus, Wedding Videographers

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