Our Prices:

2021 Prices

     It is helpful if all films or media are given to us in order, so we can place them in chronological order after converted. Once they are converted, we can put them on a thumb drive for no extra charge. If you want them burned to DVDs, there will be an additional charge of $5 per DVD. For best quality, we cannot put more than 90 minutes of video on each DVD.

8mm movie film

We convert both 8mm and super 8mm movie film to digital format. We charge $10 per 50 foot (small) reel. We will be glad to add royalty free music as a background to your converted silent films, if you wish, at no extra charge.

VHS/VHS-C/Mini-DV tapes

We convert VHS tapes using a video converter that keeps the audio and video in sync, while not dropping any frames. Our charge is $20 per tape.


We convert standard slides to digital format. Our charge is $0.20 per slide, with a minimum charge of $20.00.


We convert photos to digital format. Our charge is $0.20 per photo with a minimum charge of $20, If any photos are less than 2″ wide, we will charge $0.50 per photo.